Batch Notes for Avery Brewing - The Czar

Brew Date:
Brew Type:
Batch Size: Gal.
Batch Status:
Recipe Statistics
OG: 1.102
FG: 1.026
SRM: 24
IBU: 76
ABV: 9.98%
Profile: Extra Hoppy
General Brewing Notes:

Mash & Boil Details

Strike Temp: F(rec. ~ F) Strike Volume: Gal(rec. ~ Gal)
Mash Rests: Add Mash Rest
@ F for minutes Remove Mash Rest
Boil Minutes: Post Boil Volume:

Fermentation Details

Volume in Fermenter: Gal.
OG Reading: @ Temp: Adj: 0 (Predicted: 1.102)
FG Reading: @ Temp: Adj: 0 (Predicted: 1.026)
ABV: % (Predicted ABV: 9.98% )Brewhouse Efficiency: 0%
Days in Fermenter: @ Temp:

Conditioning & Packaging Details

Gal. on Date:
Priming Sugar: Amount: oz CO2 volume:

Estimated ready to drink date: May 11, 2024

Tasting Details

Overall Rating:
Tasting Notes:

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